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PAS Band | Gangster Of Love

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PAS Band | Gangster Of Love

Gangster Of Love
By: Pas Band

I go wild when i party, i go for total confusion,
wanna hit the sky just like a butterfly
Dancing with hot shot girl, she drives me crazy cut like a knives,
suck my k i i s killing your sweet blood

Use black cadillac, driving down the highway,
turn the radio, hear the fucking DJ's say
Living in motel room, live like crazy king,
one more night one more ride and one more drinks

Rest with me, I'm Gangster of Love
Rest with me, you'll never going die
Rest with me, I'm Gangster of Love
Rest with me, you will be still alive

Wild heart need more party, to scream the loudest i can,
take more angel dust and that is what i like
People running like hell, fire come from my shoot gun,
hit the old gas station fire everywhere


Senin, 23 November 2009
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