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Saint Loco | Masterplan

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Saint Loco | Masterplan

By: Saint Loco

Show me what to do when i fall and feeling disperate
Now tell me what to do when i fall and feeling hesitate
Resisting this pain in my vein starting to escalate
Using my brain to maintenance i try to cultivate
Back in a track set a phase for success
Stress out from Christ so let me be bless
Start my progress to make you impress
Rebel need a struggle so put the right hustle

*Oh no u cant hide
No you cant run
All you need to make a plan
The masterplan
We need the masterplan

Every price has a sacrifice to make you arise
And make you think wise, so here's a little advice
I do my hip when i flip. I represent my own script
Get a grip and have a trib dont want to do the wrong shit
Fight with my pride there is no place to hide
So ride by my side i keep you satisfied i make a real deal
I rock strong deal
Rebel need a struggle so put the right hustle


Senin, 18 Januari 2010
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